Ativan and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mix for Peoria Addicts

Ativan and Alcohol A Dangerous Mix for Peoria Addicts

Mixing prescription medication and alcohol can be a very dangerous situation to put oneself in.  Each medication has its own chemistry and can react differently with alcohol than other drugs.Drug Rehab Peoria has an increase in the number of patients addicted to that type of mixing and substance abuse.  This can produce highly dangerous physiological phenomena and in the extreme cases, even death.  Individual’s in Peoria, Illinois are struggling with the effects that mixing their medications with alcohol is producing upon them.

While it is generally not advised to mix alcohol with any type of prescription medication, there are some that are more dangerous than others.  A type of drug that it is extremely ill advised to mix with alcohol is benzodiazepines.  One of these benzodiazepines that has shown to have particularly steep consequences of mixing with alcohol is Ativan.  Ativan is classified as a depressant, which can have a calming effect on the brain and nervous system which can assist with anxiety.  It is very effective in this avenue, and can help individuals struggling with anxiety through difficult spells of the condition.

Ativan can also bring about an intense high for the individual, which leads many to abusing this medication.  The high that Ativan produces, while powerful, tends to be short lasting in comparison to other drugs.  Due to how highly addictive it can be and the severe physical dependence it can create, Ativan tends to be a drug prescribed for short term uses.  Individuals coming off of Ativan can have a slew of withdrawal symptoms, just as with many other types of drugs.  These withdrawal symptoms can include conditions such as:









Loss of Appetite


Effects of Ativan Mixed with Alcohol

The effects of mixing Ativan with alcohol can be quite severe and disastrous.  Since both substances are categorized as depressants, the depressant effect can be compounded by consuming both substances.  This leads to the body’s functioning being slowed down, and can lead to overdose.  Older adults are at a much higher risk for this due to the fact that their bodies do not keep up with processing these drugs in the system as well as a younger individual, and therefore their liver may not be able to keep up with the filtering of both substances.

Overcoming an addiction to Ativan or any other substance is something that does not have to be done alone.  Many individuals reach out to get help for their addictions every day.  It is not something to feel ashamed of, but rather proud that you are reaching out for treatment.  If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Peoria, Illinois, allow us to help you in finding treatment.  Sometimes, finding the right treatment center can be arduous and time consuming.  Our advisors know about the different treatment centers around the country, and can make the process of finding the right one much more expedited.  Give us a call today and we will help you find the perfect private residential center.