Different Ways You Can Modify Containers

Different Ways You Can Modify Containers

People are continuously coming up with new and innovative ways to utilize resources around them for the betterment of society.  A good example is how shipping containers for sale are being used to house people.  Shipping container storage is a huge industry, and that leaves leftover units that have plenty of use left.

Containers are useful products which were initially manufactured for the purpose of transporting goods from one place to another. These containers provide a safe and secure enclosure to goods being transported by way of sea, air or road.

The containers have a life span after which they are not safe to be used for shipment of goods. In such cases the containers are modified so they can be put to alternate use.

The container modification that started off to reuse the containers that were out of freight service has become so popular that customers are now specifically asking for modified containers of both new and old shipping containers.

The reason for the growing demand of modified containers is that they offer long term cost benefits saving homeowners large sums of money. Moreover, they are durable and more environmentally-friendly when compared to traditional methods and techniques of constructing homes and offices.

In addition to these benefits, the containers are stronger than steel. Also, rust proof, corrosion proof and mould resistant. These characteristics make them the ideal choice for alternative uses as mentioned below.

Here are the different ways in which the containers may be modified:

  • Portable workshops
  • Accommodation units also known as container homes
  • Training centres where a confined space is required
  • Storage space for dangerous goods
  • Site office
  • Site sheds
  • Portable showers and toilet units
  • Indoor studio
  • Art studio
  • First aid rooms
  • Changing rooms

Here are the steps to modify the containers:

If you want to modify a container, you can either use a used or a brand new shipping container. However, keep in mind the containers should be at least six inches above the ground. This will help protect your chosen container from corrosion due to the moisture on the ground. You can simply do this by digging holes and inserting concrete piers or a having a similar platform that can hold the container above the ground. Remember, the piers should be placed at uniform height so that the container is at a level.

The next step is to place the containers over the concrete piers and secure them with nuts. This will secure the container in place, prevent getting toppled down.Once the container is secure in its place, you can start working on the interior of the container. If it is a used container, it may be wise to remove the existing flooring or panelling, repair it and clean the interior. This will help you modify the interiors as easily and as needed.

You will also need to mark the locations for the doors and windows as required. Use a marker of your choice and measure the desired size.  Then, cut through these locations and smoothen the edges. Create the door and window trims and weld the angles to form a frame around the openings.

Walls or other shelves inside the containers can be created by using studs. Doors and windows can be hung on to the openings cut out earlier.You then need to install the wiring, electrical receptacles and switches. If you don’t know how to, getting the help of an electrician would be beneficial.The last step is to insulate the walls of the container with fiberglass or foam. You can then add on any ceiling or wall finishes to the interior to make the place look like more homely.Container modification is a process that requires utmost attention and effort. Therefore, it is best to use the services of professionals. There are several container modification companies that modify the containers as required, so shop around to find the best place for your needs and budget.