Best Instagram Bot for Gaining Instagram Likes 2019

Instazood is an Instagram bot and cloud-based system that helps Instagram users to promote their accounts plus if you have a brand or business account, it will buy a lot of time for your marketing. Its features are automatic like a comment, view story, follow, unfollow, scheduling post, Comment Tracker and automatic Direct Message. This Instagram Bot engages with targeted accounts, hashtags, and locations in order to increase your followers organically and safely.

Instagram bot
Instagram Bot

Instazood Prices

Most of their packages are affordable and reliable to purchase. Even you may have discounts on your payments (that shows you on your dashboard).

How to use Instazood?

Under 1 min you can be one of the Instazood users, using Instazood is very easy. After signing up, you should add targets based on your business niche (for a start, Instazood adds some targets as a default). In fact, Bot works on targets you add so it is better to be related to your account and brand. You can choose your targets based on account, location, and hashtag. Therefore your choices can be so close your purpose in getting followers. You are able to track your targets and their statistics that show you that target is suitable for your account or not. Also, you can change the “setting” based on your goal and needs.

Schedule Post

It is hard to post Images and videos every day (maybe 3 times a day) on Instagram, but you can manage your posts easily with Instazood, just take a seat and upload your pictures/videos and the time you want to share. This option is useful for everybody who doesn’t have enough time.

Auto Direct Message

If you have loads of followers, you need time to send them messages and show your feeling and plans to them. You just type the message in the ‘text,’ add emoji and image, that’s it. You can personalize your messages and choose your clients that you want this sent to by custom filters, as well.

Comment Tracker

If you receive a lot of comment, it’s good to use Instazood comment tracker. You can see, respond, delete and manage all your comments in one outlook.

Negative comment detecter

You are able to define negative words in comments for Bot to delete them. Also, Bot start to know negative words and delete them automatically.

Now, let’s check the pros and cons of Instazood:


*Flexible payment:Just choose you’re the features you want to use and then pay.

*Support: Instazood has an s FAQ page and helps boxes that you can search your questions and find the answer for them. Even their support team answer your ticket within 12 hours.

*Three days free trial: Instazood offer you 3 free days for all features to be sure it works well for you or not.

*Multiple accounts: It is so useful for marketers and agencies that have multiple Instagram accounts to manage. You can add as many as accounts you want to your Instazood dashboard.

*Blacklist: Like every social media you can create a blacklist for your Bot to not interact with those accounts and words and be sure you limit the actions of the bot.


*Schedule story: It is good to schedule your Instagram stories because this takes time like posting image and video. Unfortunately, Instazood doesn’t have this option.


Instazood is the world of choices in a most natural way. You can improve your Instagram engagement and upgrade your brand. Remember, you just buy time.