How to Add Leather Pulls to Every Cabinet Entryway

Bureau equipment is, in every case, such a leather pulls an excellent method for changing a household item or a whole space. The thing is. However, bureau equipment can be downright costly.

leather pulls
leather pulls

Of late, I’ve been cherishing everything calfskin, so when it came down to finishing the bureau equipment for the new office work area and file organizer, I couldn’t prevent myself from fusing cowhide. In this way, we made our DIY calfskin pulls! I genuinely couldn’t be increasingly excited with how the hauls turned out, or how simple and spending inviting they were to make. Dead serious!

How We Made Them?

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  • 1 5 leather strap I adore this stuff
  • Pen
  • Tri square or a ruler
  • Vise grip or a clip
  • Tape measure
  • Razorblade
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • 1 5 2 or 3 brass screw contingent upon your cabinet entryway thickness
  • Machine screw nut
  • 7 16 wrench

The initial step is discovering your calfskin tie. I wound up utilizing this tie, and I cherish how it looks. It has a delightful surface, shading, and the thickness is strong and stable. We have more than a couple of bits of IKEA furniture at home. After specific long stretches of taking a gander at them, I have chosen that currently, it’s the ideal opportunity for updating their look.

As it turned out, IKEA furniture hacks are straightforward to do. You need not bother with a great deal of time, and at the genuinely minimal effort, you can pleasantly modify the pieces which look the very same like in the lofts of at any rate ten of your companions. My most recent task was adding calfskin handles to the Brimnes 3 cabinet chest in our room. Its full expense was for our situation 0€ (we had every one of the materials at home). It took roughly 60 minutes.


  • Expel old handles from your IKEA brimnes chest
  • Cut three calfskin bits of stripes I cut 3 x 22 cm on the off chance that you cut on the floor use something to secure the wood
  • Introduce the grapples in the old screw openings
  • Make two openings in the closures of each calfskin piece
  • Append the cowhide pieces on every cabinet entryway utilizing screws