New York Construction Lawyer ,Mediation & Litigation

Ronald Francis, situated in New York City, has 30 years of involvement in development law, speaking to parties in development related issues and debate since 1989. Mr. Francis has picked up notoriety for being a relentless and fruitful litigator and a pioneer in the field of development law.

new york construction lawyer
new york construction lawyer

He has been procured by different lawyers to fill in as a development law master, and in 2016-2018, was chosen by Super Lawyers ® as a Top Attorney in Construction Litigation in New York. Ronald Francis is additionally a mediator and is an individual from the Construction Arbitration Panel of the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

The Law Offices of Ronald Francis speaks to proprietors, designers, temporary workers, merchants, material providers, and specialists and drafters in a broad scope of debate emerging out of development ventures, including business structures, apartment suites and cooperatives, rental structures, and single-family homes. The firm likewise serves its customers in drafting, helping, recording, implementing and emptying Mechanic’s Liens, speaking to them in interventions, intercessions and suits, including preoccupation of trust, supports activities, arranging and drafting permit and access understandings, exhorting them as for exhuming and supporting tasks, writing and checking on development contracts, managing protection inclusion and modeler and building issues, and filling in as a development law master.

The Law Offices of Ronald Francis gives the dimension of individual consideration you anticipate from a little firm with the assets and experience frequently discovered just at a large law office.

Contractual worker Disputes

The firm handles a broad scope of development debate for proprietors, designers, temporary workers, and subcontractors, including question concerning installment for contracted administrations, differences over chapter for additional work, challenged back charges, work stoppages and delays, and the rupture or end of agreements.

Specialist’s Liens

The Law Offices of Ronald Francis speaks to general contractual workers, subcontractors, and material providers in drafting, serving, recording and implementing Mechanic’s Liens. The firm likewise speaks to proprietors and contractual workers that need to clear inappropriately or misrepresented Mechanic’s Liens.

Discretion, Mediation, and Litigation

Contingent upon the agreement, the development debate might be settled through assertion, petition or case. New York Construction Lawyer Ronald Francis can survey your circumstance and prompt you on the best road to accomplish the best result.

new york construction lawyer
new york construction lawyer

A Preoccupation of Trust Funds Actions

Development law lawyer Ronald Francis has effectively spoken to proprietors, temporary workers, merchants, and material providers in a redirection of Trust Funds activities.