The Rental Agent Eindhoven Is Searching for A Place of Business

2008 was the year where everything began. Bart Schillings started from a modest understudy room at the Julianastraat with overseeing and leasing land under the name Magis Vastgoedbeheer. In 2010 the time had come to professionalize the business and, in this way, chose to move to a structure on Mecklenburg Street.

Rental agent Eindhoven
Rental Agent Eindhoven

Presently, the primary worker, Erika Cetin, was enlisted. Before long, the second representative Sofie van Bree (presently Sofie Spanbroek), followed. This made it somewhat tight in the workplace on the Mecklenburgstraat, and furthermore, the workplace hound Storm had caused the vital harm. Time for another area.

Inviting Housing Is Conceived!

Another office is an extraordinary open door for another name. Practically speaking, our signature, Magis Vastgoedbeheer, demonstrates unimaginable for outside occupants to articulate. Therefore we conclude that it is smarter to go for a global name, which likewise sounds thoughtful and amicable. Inviting Housing is conceived.

The Move

The new area is flawlessly arranged. The new place of business is situated inverse the TU/e at the Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan. Right now, we are encountering gigantic development, from no under 2 to 8 workers. A beautiful period that we recollect with a warm heart.

The Rental Specialist Is Searching for A Place of Business

In 2017 our latest and for the minute the last move to the Edenstraat occurred. Because of the development in the number of representatives and the vehicle armada, we currently drive around with five Friendly Housing autos, and two bikes in Rental Agent Eindhoven and the environment necessarily didn’t fit it in the old area any longer. In our new space, we are fulfilled, and for the present, there are no more movements on the arranging.

A Reliable Specialist for Leasing and Allowing in Eindhoven? You Can Discover Us at The Edenstraat in Eindhoven.

2018: The Tenth Commemoration of Friendly Housing

In 2018 it was the ideal opportunity for a gathering since we existed for a long time! In the approach our birthday, we got Pararius the best present we could get as a rental operator, in particular the seventh spot in the Top 75 of rental dealers in the Netherlands. A phenomenal crown on our work of the previous ten years.

Rental Specialist in Eindhoven?

Is it true that you are searching for a home in the Eindhoven district? At Friendly Housing, we have over ten years of involvement in leasing land in Eindhoven. We are glad to assist you in finding an appropriate home. For more data, reach us without commitment.

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