3 Steps to Obtain your Dream Body with ReShape Ready

3 Steps to Obtain your Dream Body with ReShape Ready

When thinking seriously about weight losing and enhancing your health way of living, our ReShape Ready products will for sure fulfill your requirements. Easy to use and well documented the unique dual balloon system and nutrition and fitness coaching is a smart choice for everyone.

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Ask patients all over the world! Our product is clinically proven to obtain the desired results and perhaps the most important thing is that our clients improved considerably their health, embraced their future in a more natural food manner and are feeling confident than ever.

ReShape Ready Procedure in a personalized product that will help you gain a healthier lifestyle, keep your weight off and achieve a significant weight loss. The process of using it stretch over 12 months, divided into three main phases, personalized on each individual character we have to deal with.


  • You will be very well evaluated by trained specialists
  • Will receive health education regarding the food you might and might not consume during the usage of our product
  • Along with personal coaches, you will establish your overall goals and the ways you would like to fulfill them

Jump Start

  • In this phase will take place the insertion of the two balloons into your stomach
  • Along with the balloons help and personalized coaching, your main goal will be to focus on eating healthier, make more exercises than usual and create some lifestyle habits than will guarantee your success.
  • The two balloons will remain in place for exactly six months, affecting you with a lack of appetite and with controlling the portion sizes
  • They are removed from your stomach after six months

Healthy Living

  • After the balloons removal, you will receive more personalized coaching in order to achieve and maintain your goals and get a healthy lifestyle

Considering the facts stated above, ReShape Ready Dual Integrated System is specially designed for patients with 30-40 BMI (Body Mass Index). Considering the safety aspect of the product, you have nothing to worry about. ReShape Procedure and dual-balloon design has been FDA approved in the U.S. due to their enhanced tolerability, minimum risk of deflation and migration and the inclusion of a visual indicator in order to stay safe.