What Should You Do If You Forget the Code of Your Safety Box?

What Should You Do If You Forget the Code of Your Safety Box

Nowadays, most of the safety boxes have code. Some of them may offer setting code service. But for most of the mechanical safety boxes, they are factory settings. You can only use the original code. It brings lots of troubles for you such as lost the key or forgot the code.

Ways one

In the code safety boxes, the mechanical safety boxes are the safest ones. But some people forget the code for some reason. There is no need for you to worry about it. There is a number unlocking way. It mainly takes advantage of the two turning direction of the dial of the combination lock and it has some relation with the direction of the drive gear and the pull stopping point. Therefore, as long as the drive gear turning at the last time, you could pull back the holding valve.

Ways two

Try. That is, try your luck as some people saying. At the same time, when you trying, you should analyze and deduce. Because some domestic made safety boxes use the simplest three dial combination lock. This kind of lock is usually used in the file cabinet or normal safety box. This kind of lock is not precise which adopts pulling back the plunger latch by flipping the handle outside the door. Therefore, for the people with experience, they can feel the difference of the notch when turning the dial.

Ways three

The above ways is for the normal safety box. It mainly adopts three dial combination locks. But the mechanical safety box is different from the normal code safety box. It cannot randomly group numbers for unlocking numbers. Therefore, the only way is to change the unlocking number by adjusting the position screw of the third dial. The code is limited. The simplest and most complicated way is thoroughly trying. That is to say, you can rank the numbers from the beginning to the end and try them one by one.

Ways four

It is the shrewdest unlocking way. That is, drill holes on the mechanical safety box. With the improvement of the science, it is difficult to find the unlocking numbers by feelings and deducing. Not mention the degree of precision of the dial locking, sometimes it is impossible to open it. Therefore, you have to take some extreme means. This way is effective and in high speed. In the right position and right angle, take advantage of some special tools to drill a few small holes. Then observe the turning situation to open it.